Wismec Inde Duo (Authentic)

The Wismec Inde Duo RDA by Jay Bo Designs is a dual style, two post rebuildable dripping atomizer that features a well balanced overall profile with the ability to be run in a standard 22mm mode or a box mod centric 30mm atomizer tube mode for complete dripping versatility. The Inde Duo is grounded in the idea of providing a versatile yet refined platform which can shifted easily. The 30mm Atomizer Tube Mode allows for one of the highest juice well capacities in dripping platforms, coupled with an adjustable top airflow cap that provides ample and effective airflow while limiting potential leakage. Intended to be used in conjunction with box mods, this mode provides the benefits of a RDA experience while having the capacity to rival subcompact tank platforms. A more traditional 22mm RDA Mode can be utilized to parallel standard airflow and juice well options. The unique two post design of the Inde Duo provides excellent build flexibility in either mode, and opens up the possibility for more intricate vertical and offset coil arrangements. Combining the cutting edge design mantra of Jay Bo Designs with the tried and true manufacturing prowess of Wismec, the Inde Duo is an excellent rebuildable platform directed towards high power, box mod centric applications and pairs perfectly with the Wismec Presa TC100W.
  • Details

    22mm Diameter in RDA Mode
    30mm Diameter with Atomizer Tube
    Dual Mode Structure
    22mm RDA Mode
    Jay Bo Signature Triple Airhole Intake
    30mm Atomizer Tube Mode
    Adjustable Top Airflow Intake
    Increases Juice Well Capacity Dramatically
    Perfect for Upright Box Mod Use
    Threadless Design
    O Ring Sealed
    Unique Two Post Arrangement
    Allows for Vertical or Offset Coil Arrangements
    Deck Milled Negative Posts
    'T' Post Positive
    PEEK Insulator
    Side Tensioned Applied Grub Screws
    Acrylic 9mm Bore Drip Top
    Compatible with Both Top Caps
    Easy Access for Dripping
    Brass 510 Connection
    Engraved Bottom

    Product Includes:
    One Wismec Inde Duo Two Post Dual Mode RDA Set
    Additional Spare Parts Bag
    Wismec Case

    Advanced User Item. Use AT YOUR OWN RISK!