Mechanical Mods are becoming rather common in the vaping scene, especially among vapers who like to push their equipment to the limit. Mechanical mods are simply the device without a pre-installed battery or any circuitry. Sounds simple, right?

A basic mechanical mod is a tube of metal, such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass or copper. Along with the tube, there’s a firing pin that allows for the current in the battery to reach the attached atomizer – causing the coil(s) to heat up and vaporize the juice. Since there isn’t any circuitry involved, they’re extremely durable and modifiable (there are people who have even dropped their mech mods in water and dried out the components – the mods still worked).  They are basic! They are simple! We do not recommend using a mech if you are not familiar with ohms law and battery safety!



Now, lets get into Regulated mods. All this means is that regulated mods have internal circuitry.  These types of mods include standard voltage mods, variable voltage mods, variable wattage mods and variable voltage and wattage mods. They do have the appropriate circuitry to protect from, say continually firing a faulty battery and melting it. Your regulated mod will shut down if something is wrong with your connections, which makes them a newbie friendly device. Some of these regulated mods also have a built-in voltage meter and Ohm reader which become very handy as a teaching tool for those getting into the advance e-cigarettes. Regulated mods can get a little more advanced as you get in to variable voltage and wattage devices.